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If your insurance plan includes out-of-network benefits, your nutrition counseling sessions may be reimbursable by your insurance carrier. After your nutrition counseling sessions, we will email you a billing statement (a superbill), which will contain the documentation you will need if you choose to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

You may use your Flexible Health Spending Account card when you are booking your appointment. Our practice accepts all major credit cards, which you can enter when you book an appointment. If you choose to pay with cash or check, please provide payment at the end of each counseling session.

Here is a list of pricing for nutrition services:

  • Initial Assessment Appointments (90 minutes): $195 (*Initial assessments with Dr. Daisy Miller is $295)
  • Individual follow-up appointments in-office, by phone or teleconference (45-min): $150 (*Follow-up appointments with Dr. Daisy Miller is $195)
  • Group Nutrition Counseling (90 minutes): $75
  • No show/cancellation within 24 hours $50 fee

About Dr. Daisy

Dr. Daisy is the owner of the group nutrition practice, Dr. Daisy Miller & Associates. She and her staff are licensed dieticians with expertise in medical, psychological, and behavioral nutrition. We are thoughtful and compassionate in our approach to helping our clients reach their eating and health goals. We have a wide referral network and look forward to collaborating with your health care team.

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