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BRAND NEW! Complementary snacks are now available in the reception area.


Head on over to the water station and you'll see a tray with an assortment of snacks. Help yourself!

Don't see anything you like? Send us a message in the contact form below with your snack suggestions. Feedback is welcome!


Dr. Daisy created the Hunger-Fullness Meter as an alternative to the Hunger-Fullness Scale. The Hunger-Fullness Meter is a tool that can help you reference your internal body cues. You'll see them throughout the office - take one home!

The Hunger-Fullness meter cards are conveniently pocket sized. You can keep it with you during the day or keep it in your wallet for when you need an 'interoceptive boost' (interoception is our sensory connection that let's us feel and respond to hunger and fullness cues.)


Sensory tools (like fidgets) can help us feel calmer. This is because sensory stimulation and gross motor movement helps our parasympathetic nervous system relax. 

Fidget wax is simply natural beeswax. Playing, bending and molding this wax can be a great sensory tool. We welcome you to use a fidget wax during your nutrition counseling session, and also take it home for happy fidgeting.

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