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Our state-of-the-art picky eating program combines expert pediatric nutrition with sensory-based Occupational Therapy.

  • Have you tried everything to help your picky eater, but nothing’s worked?

  • Are family meals tense and exhausting?

  • Are you ‘so over’ rewards charts and endless bargaining?

  • Are you worried that your child’s picky eating will result in poor health?

  • Are your child’s food choices brand-specific?

  • Are you tired of receiving well-intended advice from family members and friends?

Our mission at Dr. Daisy & Co. is to provide you

with an individualized plan for helping your picky eater be calmer

and more adventurous towards new foods.

We offer a comprehensive approach, which includes behavioral, 

sensory, and nutrition interventions.



1: Nutrition Evaluation and Recommendations

What it is: A 90-minute picky eating evaluation with a Pediatric Dietitian.


We will:

~ Discuss your child's food likes and dislikes, eating patterns and habits, and look at growth charts.


~ Talk about the factors that are inhibiting your child's readiness to try new foods and eat freely. 

~ Assess your child's nutrition status and provide you with immediate nutritional and behavioral recommendations.

~ Determine whether or not sensory-based Occupational Therapy would be a helpful next step.


2: Sensory Occupational Therapy

What it is: Sensory-specific Occupational Therapy - a profoundly helpful intervention for common and extreme selective eating.

Sensory Evaluations and Follow-ups:

~ We begin with a sensory evaluation with our feeding specialist, Shira Sliffman OTR/L.

~ Evaluations and feeding therapy follow-ups are 50-min long and take place at our beautiful, child-friendly Rockville office. 

~ Shira uses highly effective but 'no-pressure' models for feeding therapy. OT exercises will be provided for 'homework', to ensure that the feeding therapy sticks.  


~ Managing childhood weight is a tricky business and some of the best-intentioned methods can send children and teens to eating extremes.

~ We teach parents how to communicate hunger and fullness to their kids, institute a better structure for meals and snacks, purchase an optimal variety of food, and encourage physical activity.

~ Parents: food policing doesn't work and it's no fun for anybody involved. We teach better ways of helping you guide your kids to eat healthily. We focus on long-term, health-driven changes that empower kids and support their self-esteem.

concerned about something else?

We work with children and adolescents on a range of nutrition, behavioral, and medical issues including:

~ Concern of over- or under-eating

~ Eating disorders and disordered eating

~ Food obsession

~ Gastrointestinal issues

~ ADHD, anxiety, and other behavioral and psychiatric issues

~ Food allergies and sensitivities

~ Autism

Meet The Pediatric Nutrition Team

Dr. Daisy Miller

Licensed Dietitian 

Amanda Boostrom, MS

Registered Dietitian

Shira Sliffman, MS, OTRL

Occupational Therapy

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