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Candy Cotton
Candy Cotton
Occupational Therapist, Feeding Specialist, Picky Eating, Selective Eating, Rockville

Hi! I'm Shira Sliffman (she/her/hers)
occupational therapist

I have been working as a pediatric occupational therapist within Montgomery Country for the last 14 years. Working within a group practice fits my comprehensive approach to working with picky eaters as nutrition is a key component of client success.


The role of an occupational therapist within this area aligns with my own beliefs that eating is a complex process which includes oral motor skills, sensory challenges, and body awareness. An occupational therapist can work with you to gain new skills within these domains so eating becomes a more natural skill within your daily life.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Science and my Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Ithaca College. My interest in feeding and eating therapies began when I was a fieldwork student at the HSC Pediatric Center. Since graduating, I have enjoyed working for Montgomery County Public Schools with preschool and school-aged students as well as with Better Speech Associates in early intervention.


As I began specializing in working with feeding disorders and picky eaters, I have trained in several programs including SOS Approach to Feeding, Mealtime Miseries, and Beckman Oral Motor. I also work with clients with eating disorders and poor interoception, that is, their body has a difficult time knowing when they are truly hungry and when they are truly full. OT helps with that too!

Shira Sliffman (Final)
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Watch this video of Shira to learn more about her approach

Shira was SO wonderful with my daughter, Julia. Julia LOVED working with Shira and always looked forward to her OT sessions. Julia was actually enthusiastic about doing the homework Shira gave her, which always involved experimenting with new foods. OT really works for even the most extreme picky eaters, take it from me! ~ Joan

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