Summer Reset Group

For a healthy summer and beyond...

Our summer RESET is the perfect opportunity for older teens and

younger women to learn everything they need to know

about healthy eating and self-care skills during our

6-week program with Registered Dietitian, Emily Braaten, MS RD 

Could your daughter use a non-diet nutrition tune-up?


Are you worried that your daughter isn't taking care of herself

as best as she could?   

Does your daughter struggle with body image?

Could your daughter use some more confidence and skills in planning healthy meals and snacks?

We have worked with hundreds of young women and their parents and

we get it -

coming home from college or leaving home for the 1st time can be very stressful on everyone.


  We would love to support your daughter by teaching her new nutrition and self-care skills that will help her gain confidence and a greater understanding of her body. These skills will take her through college and

will last a lifetime.   


Our Summer Reset Group is for young women between 16-24y that are ready to ditch old habits and learn new ways to eat with intuition, health and confidence

Three Friends

 Summer Reset Group will help your daughter:

~​​ Share nutrition and health concerns with others her age who GET IT

~ Clear up the confusion of diets and learn how to eat healthily and intuitively with a Registered Dietitian

~ Learn new self-care routines around sleep, stress and movement


~ Improve body image and self esteem

~ Gain a sense of empowerment, control and hope

~ Stay motivated to practice these skills far beyond the group session

Group starts June 5th.

Limited spots available!

If you are interested in learning more or

would like to apply for a spot in our Summer Reset Group, 

please click the link below and

we will call and email within the next two business days.

Hi, I help young women build healthy habits that improve their relationship with food, self-esteem, and prepare them to conquer school and wherever they want to go!