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Everyone Has an Opinion About Nutrition

And most of what you hear isn't true. Our world is full of false nutrition claims and grossly distorted nutrition science. The truth is, food, diet, and weight is big business, and because of that it's nearly impossible to know what's true when it comes to health and diet. 

Google is NOT a trusted resource for nutrition information.

What's more, if you have an eating problem, this is an almost impossible road to travel alone.

Thankfully, we have non-diet specialist Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionists (RD's and LDN's) to solve eating and nutrition problems. 


What does it take to become an RD or LDN? We need to complete a Bachelor's of Science degree in dietetics from an accredited university, followed by a competitive internship with over 1,000 hours of training and supervision. We are then required to pass a national certification exam and apply for Maryland State Licensure. Lastly, we must complete 75 hours of continuing education in dietetics every 5 years (we always exceed this minimum requirement because we love learning.)


We hope you enjoy working with us.  

"Dr. Daisy Miller is professional, compassionate and was extremely effective in helping me to identify the issues that were affecting my eating patterns. I always looked forward to appointments with Daisy as she consistently provided thoughtful perspectives on the challenges I was facing. I always felt better and had more life-tools after talking with Daisy. She helped me to find the right path for me for which I will always be grateful!" ~ Sarah 

“Amanda has been a constant, compassionate source of knowledge and encouragement over the many months we’ve worked together. My doctor was DAZZLED with how my blood work had improved at my next visit. As a lifelong over-eater…my path to insight and living a healthier, balanced life with regards to food can be a steep, rocky road. I’m so thankful to have Amanda’s support as I continue this journey.” ~ Megan

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