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Have a question?  Not sure if we are the right fit? Need more details?

Our intake coordinator, Jo-Anne, will ask you about your specific nutrition/eating concerns. She will then recommend the dietitian(s) that are a best fit and discuss appointment availability, insurance, and fees.

Expect a prompt reply to all inquiries.


Assessment/Evaluation and Recommendations

In-Person OR Telehealth

Initial appointments are 90 min.

During the first appointment, we will talk about your (or your child’s) medical, eating and weight history, review lab results (if applicable), and discuss current eating patterns, body image, and health issues.

By the end of the initial appointment, we will have a good plan for sessions moving forward, and we will give you some initial recommendations to practice before your next session.

If you are a new client, please contact us before booking your first appointment.



In-Person OR Telehealth

Follow-up appointments are 45min.

Your follow-up sessions will be supportive conversations about your eating, health, recovery, body image, and movement goals.

We will give you new tools, skills, strategies, and recommendations to practice each week until you feel comfortable and confident in your ability to practice your new skills and habits on your own.

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