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Body Image and Intuitive Eating

"I can't remember a time when I wasn't on a diet or happy with my weight."

"I can't control myself around food."
"Why am I so successful at so many other areas of my life but not this?"
"I don't want my kids to struggle like this."

If the latest diet or fitness fad has failed you once again, 

You are not alone.

We teach our clients the skills they need so

that they never feel the need to diet again.



Better health because you are no longer living in a binge-restrict cycle. Your eating is finally predictable and nourishing.


Improved self-esteem because you've learned to TRUST your yourself. You have stopped comparing yourself to other people. You do you and it feels awesome. 


Peace of mind because you are now a normal eater. You are comfortable around all kinds of food in a wide variety of situations. Parties, restaurants, holidays  - Bring it!

How do YOU eat?

~ Do you feel out-of-control when you eat?

~ Do you overeat mainly at night?

~ Do you have difficulty eating out and enjoying holidays, parties, and events?

~ Do you have difficulty knowing if you are truly hungry?

~ Do you eat when you feel stressed, anxious, bored, or sad?

~ Do you give yourself rules about what and how much to eat, only to find that you repeatedly break these rules?

After you’ve tried a few diets you might be thinking...there’s got to be a better way. And there is, but it involves re-training your body and your mind to un-do a dieters' mentality and replace it with a whole new approach to food.

New! Intuitive Eating - IA (Interoceptive Awareness)

 At Dr. Daisy & Co, we have a unique way of teaching our clients Intuitive Eating. Intuitive Eating is the process of learning how to choose food based on what you like while listening to your unique internal body cues - not diet rules. Our intuitive eating program is different because we combine the best of the standard intuitive eating protocol with Interoceptive Awareness. Interoception is our internal sensory system and includes signals of hunger and fullness.

 Our sensory component with intuitive eating makes recovery from chronic dieting simple and effective. You'll never feel the need to diet again. 

Imagine Life Without Food Issues

"I worked with Amanda for several months to help break the diet/overeating cycle that I'd been dealing with for close to 2 decades. Working with Amanda on Intuitive Eating habits has truly improved my relationship with food and my body." ~ Susan

"Working with Dr. Miller was life changing. I have struggled with weight ever since I can remember. I turned to Dr. Miller for a life change; in search of answers that I hoped would be the key to a peaceful relationship with my body and with food...once and for all. After 5 minutes with Dr. Miller, I knew I had made the right decision. I am no longer a prisoner to food." ~ Judy

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