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PCOS Nutrition 

Live a Healthy, Empowered Life with PCOS

Does this sound familiar? 

  • "For me, food seems to pack on pounds, cause breakouts, or lead to more intense cravings."

  • "It's hard to tell when I'm truly hungry or full."

  • "My sweet tooth is out of control."

  • "I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and am confused about what to eat."

Meet Adrienne Inger, PCOS Specialist Registered Dietitian

Adrienne Inger.JPG


I am a PCOS specialist dietitian with lived experience - I have PCOS!
I teach my clients everything I wish I had learned when I was first diagnosed.

Read more about Adrienne

Our non-diet approach can help you: 

  • Experience less cravings and improved energy

  • Learn which supplements do and don't work for PCOS

  • Cultivate a relationship with food that is enjoyable, nourishing, and non-restrictive (bye bye eating with worry, overthinking, and guilt!)

  • Discover your body's natural weight - because weight "control" should not be a constant battle between you and your body

Restrictive diets are NOT a necessary treatment approach for PCOS

You and your PCOS Dietitian will discuss: 

  • The truth about nutrition and carbohydrates for PCOS

  • The food combinations that work for YOUR body and make you feel your best

  • Supplements and other strategies that may improve symptoms



The initial counseling session is a 90-min appointment.    


Our PCOS specialists help clients develop eating patterns that are simple, individualized, non-restrictive, and sustainable.  They also coordinate with health care providers (physicians and therapists), review lab work, make recommendations for supplements, sleep hygiene, self-care, and enjoyable movement as needed - as all of these factors contribute to hormonal health. In sessions, we will also work on body image as well as disordered and/or emotional eating issues if they are present.


Follow-up sessions are 45-min. appointments. 


Your PCOS dietitian will revise your support plan and find additional strategies to fit your unique body, medical conditions and emotional needs and circumstances. 


PCOS is a treatable condition and restrictive diets are not necessary for symptom relief! 

You will have individualized support and tools to help you manage symptoms, improve your relationship with food, and become the expert of your own body.

Have you thought about taking GLP-1 RA medications with PCOS? Read about our perspective here

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