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Pediatric Nutrition

Eating Watermelon
From infant nutrition and baby led weaning to toddler nutrition and beyond, our dietitians offer a full range of pediatric nutrition services that include behavioral and sensory interventions.

Dr. Daisy & Co are leaders in pediatric nutrition for school-aged kids


- Are you concerned with your child's growth
- Are you worried about their food intake and/or the lack of variety in the foods they eat? ( Learn more about our selective eating services)

- Is your child's weight a concern for you?

Let's talk about weight...

- Attempts to 'manage' childhood weight, even with the best-intentions, can send children and teens to eating extremes and damage their self-esteem.

- Parents: food policing doesn't work and it's no fun for anybody involved. We teach better ways of helping you guide your kids to eat well and self-regulate. We focus on long-term eating skills that empower kids and support self-esteem. We teach kids intuitive eating!

We take weight neutral approach and never put kids on diets. If your child is having a difficult time knowing when they are truly hungry and when they are truly full, we can help figure out the root cause and, if needed, teach them skills to improve interoceptive awareness (our internal sense for hunger and fullness).

Is your child a picky eater? 

Infant nutrition, Lactation and

Baby-Led Feeding  


Our baby-led feeding program includes:

  •  Assessment of readiness to start solid foods 

  •  Recommended foods to serve and how to prepare/serve them

  • Transitioning from spoon-feeding/purees to solid finger foods

  • Scheduling meals around bottle and/or breastfeeding

  • Keeping mealtimes positive with family and siblings 

  • Safety and reducing choking hazards

  • Introduction of common allergens

Lactation and infant feeding consultations provide expert advice and peace of mind. 


Baby Led feeding specialist and Certified Lactation Counselor, Amanda Boostrom MS, RD (and her 2 kids)

Concerned about something else?

We work with children and adolescents on a range of nutrition, behavioral, and medical issues including:
- Nutrition for sports
- Concern of over- or under-eating

- Eating disorders and disordered eating
- Gastrointestinal issues
- Eating challenges and ADHD, autism, anxiety, and sensory integration differences
- Food allergies and sensitivities
- Vegetarianism
- Eating issues and body image, body dysmorphia, and gender dysphoria

Our practice is gender and weight inclusive and neurodiversity-affirming.  

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