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Nutrition for Children and Teens

Parents, you're in the right place. 

We are pediatric specialist dietitians at Dr. Daisy & Co. 

We solve a wide variety of eating and nutrition concerns including:


  • Picky eating, selective eating, and ARFID

  • Balance, variety and adequacy concerns

  • Nutrition support for ADHD, ASD, SPD and other neuro-differences

  • Low interoceptive awareness (difficulty listening and responding to internal cues for hunger and fullness)

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Child and teen stress eating, compulsive and emotional eating and body image concerns

  • Teen Nutrition and navigating eating at college

  • Body dysphoria, and gender navigation

  • Growth and development concerns

  • Sorting nutrition facts from fiction (Tiktok is not a reliable source for nutrition advice!) 

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Our Mission

Our mission at Dr. Daisy & Co. is to support a child's ability to develop a healthy relationship with food and their body that will last a lifetime. We provide families with an exemplary and evidenced-based eating and nutrition assessment and treatment plan that is inclusive and promotes mental and emotional health. 

How it Works


Contact us by phone, email, or our webform. Tell us about your child or adolescent. What are your eating, nutrition or growth concerns?  


Get matched. We will match you with an outstanding pediatric dietitian at Dr. Daisy & Co and assist you with scheduling the first appointment. If we're not the best fit we will provide you with helpful referrals.


Meet with your dietitian. Your initial appointment is a thorough assessment where we learn all about your child's eating patterns and health history, create a treatment plan, and provide you with immediate recommendations to get started. Follow up sessions troubleshoot challenges and provide expert supportive care.

Common Questions

How many sessions will we need?

This depends on several factors including the nature, complexity, and acuity of the presenting issues. Parent resources and logistics are also important considerations. Some of our client families do well with weekly sessions over a longer time-frame, yet many families get exactly what they need with the initial consultative appointment and one or two additional follow-ups. Bottom line, we are flexible and collaborative to how we approach nutrition counseling. 


Do you work with parents or kids (or both)?

For the initial appointment, we request to work with parents without their kids for at least the first half of the appointment. For the second half, we generally work with kids ages 10y and older. For infants, toddlers, and many school-age children, we take a parent-focused approach. Note that if any child or teen is not interested in meeting with us we can often work successfully with just-parents.  

What information does our dietitian need prior to the first appointment?

We ask that you email or fax a copy of your child's growth chart to or 301-658-6301 respectively. We do not need a food record nor list of preferred foods prior to the initial appointment - we cover this during the first session. 

What do you recommend if my child doesn't do well with telehealth appointments and the in-person appointments don't work with our schedule?

We recommend giving it a try. We're really good at creating engaging and comfortable sessions with kids via telehealth. Shorter sessions for more fidgety kids is also an option!

My kid needs a menu plan so that they know what to eat. Do you do that?

Not exactly... As non-diet dietitians we teach nutrition from core principles of Intuitive Eating and all-foods-fit models. Because rigid food rules, bad food/good food narratives, and food policing can lead to food obsession and disordered eating patterns, rigid menu plans do not support sustainable eating skills. Instead, we focus on setting a predictable meal and snack schedule, supporting nutritional adequacy, reducing food anxiety, and fostering eating enjoyment. If a specialized diet is needed for a medical issue, we can certainly create a meal plan that is as unrestrictive as possible. Kids shouldn't over-think their food choices - we want eating be natural and easy. 

Our pediatrician thinks our child's weight is becoming a problem. Do you help kids lose weight?

We take a weight neutral approach and never put kids on diets. That said, weight acceleration can be an indication of over-consumption. If your child's weight is a concern we will be looking at the growth chart together to decipher whether or not they are tracking on a predictable curve. We may talk about what could be interfering with their ability to listen and respond to their innate hunger and fullness cues. Anxiety and stress, poor body image, low sensory awareness, perceived restriction, and sensory-seeking eating are common underlying issues. We address these issues within a weight-inclusive and positive body image framework. Just like for adults, we don't focus on weight, we focus on eating and self-care behaviors.    

Will you reach out to our child's pediatrician and therapist?

Absolutely. We will email you a copy of our informed consent form after the initial appointment. After that, we will be in regular contact with other member's of your child's health team to collaborate around their care. We do not charge for out-of-session meetings with your child's healthcare team. 

Have more questions

We'd love to hear from you. 

Parents, have you heard about the new Clinical Practice Guidelines for "early and aggressive treatment of children and adolescents with 'obesity,' recently released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)? 

To learn more about why we think these guidelines are seriously problematic, find helpful links to articles and resources, and get tips for navigating these guidelines as parents - Click here

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