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Why work with us?

1.  We won't judge you.

No really, we won't. We won't judge you for how much you weigh, what and how much you eat, what you look like or anything else. Although we know a lot about nutrition science and habit change, we believe that YOU know your body best. 

2.  We don't focus on weight.

We know that weight is a big deal to a lot of our clients. But weight obsession gets in the way of behavior and thought change. We are HAES-minded dietitians (HAES = Health At Every Size). This benefits you because you can expect life-long lasting habit changes, improved body image, and never feel the need to start another diet again. 


3We are whole health dietitians. 

We communicate with members of your health care team (with your written consent) and we invite you to email your dietitian with mid-week check-ins or clarification questions - we never charge for out-of-session communication. 


4.  We believe in innovation.

Changing dietary habits is really hard to do and standard meal plans don't stick. We get to the bottom of the eating issue and come up with truly innovative tools and solutions so that the dietary change is life-long. 


5We are collaborative.

Although you will work with one outstanding dietitian you get the benefit of combined expertise of all of us because we work collaboratively.  

We are a gender affirming, weight inclusive and HAES (Health at Every Size) practice.

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Non-diet dietitians speak the truth

Our world is full of false nutrition claims and grossly distorted nutrition science. The truth is, food, diet, and weight is big business, and because of that it's nearly impossible to know what's true when it comes to health and diet.

Google is NOT a trusted resource

for nutrition information.

What's more, if you have an eating problem, this is an almost impossible road to travel alone.

What does it take to become an RD or LDN?

We need to complete a Bachelor's of Science degree in dietetics from an accredited university, followed by a competitive internship with over 1,000 hours of training and supervision. We are then required to pass a national certification exam and apply for Maryland State Licensure. Lastly, we must complete 75 hours of continuing education in dietetics every 5 years (we always exceed this minimum requirement because we love learning.)

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Why Choose Us?
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