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Sports Nutrition

Dr Daisy & Co dietitians are passionate about sports nutrition  


We will teach you how to eat for your body AND YOUR SPORT  while building a great relationship with food.


 Nurture your mental and physical health.

Aiming for the Hoop


  • I’m confused about the right proportions of carbs, fats, and proteins to eat before, during, and after practice and games

  • I am in a sport that makes me feel self-conscious about my body 

  • My coach told me I’d be faster if I lost weight

  • All of the diet advice I’ve seen for athletes is conflicting and overwhelming. Should I go plant-based? Keto? Fasting? Shakes? HELP!

Sports Team Portrait



Our sports specialist dietitians will teach you evidenced-based, non-diet nutrition that’s tailored to your unique body so that you never have to question what, when, and how much you’re eating. 


Learn how to eat without restricting, over-thinking, and resorting to unhealthy diet trends




We work with all levels of Athletes

Youth, High School, Collegiate, and Professional 

Nutrition needs vary depending on age, body composition, sport, and training schedule. 

We teach parents and kids how to fuel for sports and support adequate growth. Better nutrition can improve performance. 

Soccer Practice

You're an athlete. Know your body and feed it well. 


Intuitive eating for athletes combines knowledge, planning and intuition. 

Teaching Athletes to Eat Intuitively

We teach athletes how to:

  • listen to your body cues for energy and nutrient needs

  • time meals and snacks to support training, practices, and events

  • understand the balance of carbs, fats, and protein that work for your body and sport

  • navigate the vast world of supplements and special products marketed to athletes

  • know what your body needs during training weeks and over the off-season

  • eat stress free - we provide lots of ideas for meals and snacks


From sport to unhealthy obsession - Athletes and Eating Disorders 

Ballet Class

Certain sports place an emphasis on physique and this often leads to discussions about dieting amongst teammates and sometimes even coaches. Depending on personality type, this can be taken to an extreme. 


Diet culture and sports is a harmful mix. The very personality traits that contribute to a person being an outstanding athlete (perfectionism, attention to detail, drive), also place them at higher risk for taking diets to an extreme and possibly even developing an eating disorder. 


Studies show that eating disorders are more prevalent in athletes than the general population. Certain sports place more emphasis on physique and may even require weigh-ins, again drawing attention to appearance rather than performance. Some athletes restrict their food and then find themselves binging after events, creating a vicious and unhealthy cycle. 


If you or a loved one is showing signs of disordered eating, reach out to us. We can help. 

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