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Meal Planning Basics

Dr. Daisy's Meal Planning tips

1) Create a master list of satisfying and easy-to-prepare meals consisting of a 'main' (with starch/protein/fat) and a veggie and/or fruit side.

2) One day a week, choose 3-5 meals and sides from the master list based on what you're in the mood to eat that week.

3) Create a shopping list with the ingredients you'll need (add to an online grocery delivery list, which is my favorite life hack). Make double if you enjoy leftovers for lunch. 

4) Have a flexible plan for what meals will be prepared for which night. 

Do you ever have trouble knowing when you are truly hungry or truly full? 
Download our Hunger-Fullness Meter here!
Use this Meter as a guide to help connect you to your internal cues. 
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