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Testimonials for Daisy Miller, Ph.D., LDN

"After 5 minutes with Dr. Daisy, I knew I had made the right decision. During our time together, I learned things about myself that helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together and to understand why I was the way I was. Dr. Daisy armed me with the tools and awareness I needed to slowly find a place of peace with food and my body. I am forever grateful to Dr. Daisy for giving me what I needed to take this turn in life." 

"When I began working with Daisy Miller, I had been in treatment for disordered eating for 15 years. Every week, she gave me the messages necessary to establish new ways of thinking and new ways for simply 'dealing.' Most importantly, she helped me understand that eating is not a tool to evaluate the good or bad in any given day. I had seen 13 therapists and psychiatrists from age 19 to 34 before I met Dr. Daisy. She was the best. She was the only one who truly helped. Food is no longer a rule system. And I have the tools to navigate eating and the rest of the world." 

"Over the four months we spent with Dr. Daisy, Jenny (age 13) developed several strategies for "taking a temperature" on both her moods and her hunger. Those have been so valuable! Overall, I have a child who is now much more comfortable and confident in her own skin. Thank you, Dr. Daisy Miller!" 

Testimonials for Adrienne Inger, LDN, RD 

"Adrienne is one of the most thoughtful and practical practitioners I have ever worked with. She asks the necessary questions to ensure she understands the broader context of my health and lifestyle, and has even reviewed my bloodwork results in the past to make sure she has covered every angle. She knows that with two young children, I'm a busy mom with little time to focus on myself, so she helps me to make incremental changes that improve my weight, energy level, PCOS symptoms, and iron deficiency issues. I consider Adrienne a trusted confidant and partner as I aim to achieve my health and lifestyle goals. No doubt many others would benefit from her personalized approach!"


"I left first session feeling confident, like I could actually do what we talked about! You were actually going to help me focus on a healthy way of life that fits with my own lifestyle."

"Adrienne is such an amazing dietitian. Her knowledge of nutrition really blew me away. I left the first session already feeling less stressed about food." 

Testimonials for Amanda Boostrom, MS, RD

“Amanda has been a constant, compassionate source of knowledge and encouragement over the many months we’ve worked together. My doctor was DAZZLED with how my blood work had improved at my next visit. As a lifelong over-eater…my path to insight and living a healthier, balanced life with regards to food can be a steep, rocky road. I’m so thankful to have Amanda’s support as I continue this journey.”


"I worked with Amanda for several months to help break the diet/overeating cycle that I'd been dealing with for close to 2 decades. Amanda is truly a wonderful counselor and helped me through such a tough time. She is empathetic, kind, compassionate - all the good things! Working with Amanda on Intuitive Eating habits has truly improved my relationship with food and my body. I cannot thank her enough!"

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