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A little about me...


I am a weight-neutral dietitian and my pronouns are she/her/hers.

I’m a dietitian specializing in eating issues, selective eating, and eating disorders. I work with adults, as well as families whose child or teen is struggling with eating in some way. I have a special interest in the treatment of binge eating disorder.


It’s a huge honor for me to work with clients who are feeling ready to separate from harmful diet culture, and work on recovering a pleasurable, self-affirming relationship to food and their bodies.

Many of the clients I’ve had the privilege of working with have experienced size stigma, even or especially from providers within the medical or “health” profession. This makes reaching out for support a scary process. I hope to always listen empathically to my clients lived experiences (even when I have not shared them) and provide a supportive environment for clients to heal. In my professional and personal life, I aim to show up as an ally to LGBTQIA+ communities, BIPOC, and to people of all sizes, abilities, documentation status, and faiths.


I have specialized in eating disorder treatment since 2014. I began at Herrick Hospital, Center for Anorexia and Bulimia in Berkeley, CA, where I served as lead dietitian for the adolescent inpatient program.  Many parents find feeding their children to be intuitive, but when an eating disorder arises, mealtimes suddenly feel overwhelming and complicated.  Parents discover they need more than just a meal plan. When working with families, I strive to empower parents/caregivers with the confidence and concrete meal-time skills needed to help their child through nutrition restoration and eating disorder recovery.  Many parents have told me that eating disorder treatment gave them their child back. I take great joy in being part of this healing process. 


When I moved on from inpatient care, I helped create and run an adult and adolescent intensive outpatient eating disorder program for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. Prior to devoting my focus toward eating disorders, I worked as a consulting dietitian for Apple, Inc. at the company’s employee wellness center in Cupertino, CA. While there, I led the nutrition department in shifting away from a weight-biased approach toward health and provided trainings for staff in areas of non-diet nutrition, intuitive eating, and the social justice informed model of Health at Every Size. 

I am a graduate of the University of New Mexico’s Nutrition & Dietetics program, where I received the honors of both Dietetic Student and Dietetic Intern of the Year for the state of New Mexico. Prior to studying nutrition, I graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Francisco with a B.S. in Biology and Psychology.


I currently live in Corrales, New Mexico just outside of Albuquerque. Expect to see green chile on my plate if you join me for our meal support group, or to hear horses neighing in the background of our zoom calls!  When not working, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, dancing with my kids, and cooking traditional New Mexican cuisine.

I welcome anyone, regardless of age, race, ability, size, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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