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Hi! I'm Lauren Wenderoth. I am a licensed dietitian nutritionist and eating disorder dietitian. I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who are navigating genderMy pronouns are she/her/hers.

I am an eating disorder dietitian devoted to dismantling diet culture and weight stigma in all of its ugly forms. What does that mean? Simply put, that I know BMI is bogus, the pathologizing of larger bodies is harmful, and all people, regardless of size or health status, deserve compassionate, respectful healthcare. It’s a huge honor for me to work with clients who are feeling ready to separate from diet culture and work on establishing (or recovering) a self-affirming relationship to food and their bodies.

I have specialized in eating disorder treatment since 2014 and have worked across all levels of care, including IOP, PHP, and inpatient settings. My heart however belongs in the outpatient world. This is where I can do my best work providing individualized and authentic care.

I work with adults as well as families whose child or teen is struggling with eating in some way. I treat the full spectrum of selective eating and eating disorders, including binge eating disorder and ARFID, and everything else – because not all eating struggles fit neatly into the DSM labels! I also provide non-diet medical nutrition therapy for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  My work is rooted in trauma-informed, anti-oppressive models including harm reduction and the social justice informed model of Health at Every Size.

Most of the clients I’ve had the privilege of working with have experienced stigma, even or
especially from providers within the medical or “health” profession. This makes reaching out for
support a daunting process. I hope to always listen empathically to my clients’ lived experiences
(even when I have not shared them) and provide a supportive environment for clients to heal.


In my professional and personal life, I aim to show up as an ally to and advocate for LGBTQIA+
communities, BIPOC, and people of all sizes, abilities, and neurotypes. I particularly enjoy
working with gender expansive clients who are struggling with dysphoria and eating issues.
Many “traditional” eating disorder recovery models are rooted in cisnormativity and thus, fall
short for those outside the gender binary. I aim to change that!


I also know we need community to heal. My role expands beyond food and involves helping my
clients find safe spaces with others who share their identities and values, and will uplift and
liberate them even when they aren't yet able to do that for themselves. 

I am a graduate of the University of New Mexico’s Nutrition & Dietetics program, where I
received the honors of both Dietetic Student and Dietetic Intern of the Year for the state of New
Mexico. Prior to studying nutrition, I graduated summa cum laude from the University of San
Francisco with a B.S. in Biology and Psychology.


I currently live in Corrales, New Mexico and am learning the art (and science) of raising
chickens.  When not working, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, dancing with my kids, and
eating traditional New Mexican cuisine.

I welcome anyone, regardless of age, race, ability, size, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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