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Virtual Meal Support Group

Recovery from an eating disorder can be hard. Let's have lunch together. 

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The benefits of meal support

Our virtual meal support group offers a safe, supportive opportunity to eat with others who are in active recovery from an eating disorder. 


We know that eating alone makes it more likely for eating disorder thoughts and behaviors to run the show. 


Conversely, eating alongside a community of recovery-oriented folx makes it much more likely you’ll eat an adequate amount and take that next step in your own journey, whether that’s eating a feared food, or connecting to and honoring bodily cues. Let's eat together. 


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for Frequently Asked Questions about Meal Support Groups

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Join Lauren Wenderoth, MS RD (she/her) every Tuesday and Thursday

The Details: 

  • Meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm - 1pm EST on Zoom

  • Lunch support is virtual through zoom

  • For adults ages 18+, all gender identities welcome

  • Cost: $20 per meal support, must be paid at the time of registration, non refundable

  • For adults in recovery from an eating disorder. 

If you are an existing client please click here to register for a meal support group

If you are new to Dr. Daisy & Co, please click here to schedule

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